For 24-hour orders Tel. +39 0541 012050
For 24-hour orders Tel. +39 0541 012050
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The idea of producing ice was born in 1917 in the United States. This process has spread around the world over time and it has had a constant increasing until the recent creation of ice with certified purity.

Pronto Ghiaccio brought to Italy the idea of supplying ready-to-use edible ice: a pure, chlorine and micro-organisms free product created through a special water filtration system, which make it to become a pure and crystal-clear ice.

The new methodology proposed and a punctual distribution network available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, have ensured the great success of this company, which provides a constant supply of ice, delivered within a maximum of 60 minutes everywhere and at all times.
Ice is transported in cardboard boxes stacked on a pallet and kept in sealed food bags with a capacity of 1 or 2 kg, ensuring in this way the maximum level of hygiene without waste. For big events ice disco boxes with a capacity from 4 to 12 kg are also available.

Pronto Ghiaccio allows companies and venues to avoid the use of the ice-machine, eliminating both costs and CO2 emissions: for this reason, some incentives has been designed for those who decide to abolish their individual production of ice and to rely on Pronto Ghiaccio, the new benchmark for bars and restaurants not only in the province of Rimini.
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