For 24-hour orders Tel. +39 0541 012050
For 24-hour orders Tel. +39 0541 012050
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Pronto Ghiaccio is the company specialized in the production and distribution of ready-to-use edible ice.
Our ice contains neither chlorine nor micro-organisms, it is pleasing to look and can be used in many different occasions, especially in occasions when it’s hard or uneasy carrying a freezer, for example parties, catering service or camping holidays.
In addition, Pronto Ghiaccio allows you to cut the costs associated to your ice-machine, but also to reduce electricity and water consumptions, as well as maintenance costs.
We deliver our ice 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, in special sealed food bags with a capacity of 1 or 2 kg, particularly designed in order to make you to use the strictly necessary, without any waste. Our ice can be also kept outside the freezer for 48 hours in special thermal containers, which will be supplied as free loans.

In our numerous sales points you can also buy all the ice you need: then, if you have the possibility of placing our freezer in your venue, you can become, in your turn, a new “Pronto Ghiaccio Point”.
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